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Apple reveals discount pricing feature for subscriptions in the App Store

A post on the Apple Developer website (via 9to5Mac) reveals that a new “contingent pricing” feature will be available in the App Store. The subscription gets its name because customers can be given a discount on a subscription contingent on them having an active subscription to another publication. That discount will continue to be offered every month as long as the customer remains subscribed to both publications.
Here is what Apple told developers on the website: “Contingent pricing for subscriptions on the App Store — a new feature that helps you attract and retain subscribers — lets you give customers a discounted subscription price as long as they’re actively subscribed to a different subscription. It can be used for subscriptions from one developer or two different developers. We’re currently piloting this feature and will be onboarding more developers in the coming months.”
Apple goes on to say that developers should start planning how they will work contingent pricing into their App Store pricing strategies. A link on the website will allow developers to sign up to receive a notification from Apple in January which is when the company will inform developers of more details related to “contingent pricing.”

In explaining exactly what “contingent pricing” is, Apple writes, “For example, you might offer Ocean Journal premium subscribers the opportunity to subscribe to Mountain Climber for a discounted price of $4.99/month instead of the regular $5.99/month. Customers pay the discounted price as long as they remain Ocean Journal subscribers.”

While Apple is writing to developers, the tech giant does explain how customers will be able to find publications in the App Store that offer “contingent pricing.” Apple says that customers will find the discounted pricing in a publication’s App Store listing, off-platform marketing channels, and planned placements in the App Store.

Apple says that it will help developers manage the implementation of “contingent pricing” by offering customers “a seamless redemption and purchasing experience” based on the contingent price proposition that the developers will be providing.

Obviously “contingent pricing” isn’t going to be available to App Store customers until sometime next year.

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