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Government Deactivated 55 Lakh Phone Numbers!

Published on: 1:56 am, 18 December 2023

In a significant move against fraudulent mobile phone connections, the Indian government has deactivated 5.5 million phone numbers acquired through fake documents.

Minister of Communications Devusinh Chauhan revealed the success of the nationwide verification campaign conducted via the Sanchar Saathi portal. The initiative aimed to combat cybercrime and financial fraud associated with illegal SIM cards.

Alongside the deactivation of the identified connections, the government blocked 1.32 lakh handsets that were implicated in cybercrime and financial fraud. Additionally, 13.42 lakh suspicious connections were disconnected as part of the crackdown. To further address the issue, the government has launched consumer awareness campaigns to inform and educate the public about their mobile connections.

This comprehensive effort is geared towards enhancing cybersecurity and minimizing the risks associated with fraudulent activities through unscrupulous phone numbers.

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