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Panasonic Energy Announces Partnership With Sila Nanotechnologies

In a recent announcement Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., has announced the signing of an agreement with Sila Nanotechnologies Inc. for the acquisition of next-generation nano-composite silicon anode material for lithium-ion batteries for EVs.

The cornerstone of this partnership is Sila’s Titan Silicon, a material developed by the company which offers higher capacity and also addresses the persistent issue of expansion during charging. The partnership claims to push the boundaries of battery technology by integrating Titan Silicon, as it has a ten times greater capacity than graphite.

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Panasonic will procure the silicon material from Sila’s manufacturing facility located in Washington State, USA. As of now, Panasonic Energy’s dedicated focus is on North America’s local supply chain, in a bid to expand battery production. Looking ahead, Panasonic Energy is poised to establish additional partnerships in the region to further expand its silicon procurement network.

By reducing the proportion of graphite in the anode material and integrating more silicon, Panasonic Energy expects a substantial boost in energy density. This shift is projected to result in enhanced EV performance, increased vehicle range, and reduced charging durations.

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Written by:- Ronit Agarwal

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