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Top 10 Scooters Nov 2023

TVS iQube Mega Delivery Event In Pune
TVS iQube Mega Delivery Event In Pune

Top 10 scooters registered sales of 4.7 lakh in Nov 2023 – Registering a 25% growth YoY

In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s scooter market, November 2023 witnessed significant shifts in consumer preferences, showcasing a surge in sales for various models. The top 10 scooters of the month highlighted the dominance of stalwarts like Honda Activa alongside the rising popularity of electric vehicles like Ola S1 and TVS iQube.

Top 10 Scooters Nov 2023 – Honda Activa Continues Reign at the Top

Topping the charts yet again, Honda Activa retained its throne with an impressive sales figure of 1,96,055 units in November 2023. Activa witnessed a substantial year-on-year growth of 11.98%. TVS Jupiter, securing the second position, experienced a remarkable surge in sales, reaching 72,859 units, a 53.64% increase from the same period last year. Suzuki Access closely trailed behind, securing the third spot with 52,512 units sold, showcasing a growth rate of 9.14%.

Top 10 scooters Nov 2023 vs Nov 2022 - YoY sales performance
Top 10 scooters Nov 2023 vs Nov 2022 – YoY sales performance

Breaking the traditional petrol-dominated market, electric scooters made notable strides. Ola S1 secured the fifth position with 29,808 units sold. Its remarkable growth rate of 81.92% from the previous year signifies the increasing acceptance of electric mobility solutions. Similarly, TVS iQube, another electric scooter, marked its presence by claiming the eighth spot with 16,702 units sold. This electric model exhibited a staggering growth rate of 66.09%, showcasing a growing inclination toward sustainable commuting options.

TVS Ntorq and Honda Dio displayed impressive performances, capturing the fourth and sixth positions, respectively. TVS Ntorq witnessed a staggering growth rate of 78.77%, selling 30,396 units, while Honda Dio showcased a growth rate of 48.92% with 23,979 units sold. Despite a slight dip in sales, Hero Pleasure held its ground, securing the seventh position with 22,752 units sold, registering a growth rate of 15.26%. Additionally, Suzuki Burgman and Hero Destini secured the ninth and tenth positions, each displaying varying performances in sales.

Top 10 scooters Nov 2023 vs Oct 2023 - MoM sales performance
Top 10 scooters Nov 2023 vs Oct 2023 – MoM sales performance

Month on Month Performance

Maintaining its dominant position, Honda Activa, though experiencing a dip in sales, remained at the forefront with 1,96,055 units sold. However, this reflected a decline of 10.42% from the preceding month’s sales of 2,18,856 units, indicating a temporary slowdown in its otherwise consistent performance.

TVS Jupiter and Suzuki Access, securing the second and third positions respectively, witnessed a significant decline in sales. TVS Jupiter, which sold 72,859 units, faced a substantial drop of 20.65% compared to October’s sales figures of 91,824 units. Similarly, Suzuki Access reported 52,512 units sold, reflecting a 7.73% decrease from the previous month’s sales of 56,909 units.

In contrast to the general decline, Ola S1 displayed a notable increase in sales. With 29,808 units sold, it recorded a remarkable growth of 25.33% compared to October’s sales of 23,783 units. However, TVS iQube faced a downturn, selling 16,702 units, marking a 16.99% decline from October’s 20,121 units.

The month of November saw varying performances from models like Honda Dio, Hero Pleasure, Suzuki Burgman, and Hero Destini. Honda Dio faced a considerable decline of 25.96%, selling 23,979 units compared to the 32,385 units in October. Conversely, Hero Pleasure witnessed a substantial surge, selling 22,752 units and recording a remarkable growth of 114.44% from its October sales of 10,610 units.

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