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AMD’s next-gen server chips appear with 192 Zen 5c cores — EPYC Turin can also have up to 128 standard Zen 5 cores, new chips pictured and detailed in leak

Turin, AMD’s upcoming Zen 5-based Epyc processor, has been pictured for the first time by leaker @yuuki_ans on X. The 5th-gen Epyc server and datacenter CPU is expected to launch in 2024.

The leak itself doesn’t tell us a ton of new or unexpected info. Turin will use the same SP5 socket as 4th generation Epyc Genoa, Bergamo, and Siena, meaning it can slot into existing SP5 servers without needing a motherboard upgrade. It was expected AMD would continue using the SP5 socket with Turin, so this isn’t exactly surprising. Turin also seemingly swaps out the old orange carrier for a blue one; it appears to be the same otherwise.

(Image credit: @yuuki_ans/X)

The leaker also shared two core layout diagrams of Turin, one with Zen 5 cores and one with denser Zen 5c cores. These diagrams are basically identical to Genoa and Bergamo, respectively, indicating no fundamental changes have been made with Zen 5. Interestingly, Turin continues to be the codename used for both variants instead of having two different codenames.

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