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Dunki Rated 15+ By BBFC

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki is all set to lock horns with Prabhas’ Salaar in just three days. Salaar is coming on December 22nd while Dunki is landing in theaters on 21st December.

Salaar’s action trailer that was released today garnered a huge response all over. Due to its violence and the action content, Salaar was rated 18+ by BBFC, the British Board of Film Classification. Shah Rukh’s Dunki also got certified by the BBFC, but as a 15 and over age-appropriate film.

According to the BBFC, Dunki is a story of four friends from a small village in Punjab who set their journey to England without a visa. The film is a comedy-drama that also includes occasional bloody images, upsetting scenes, and discrimination.

The BBFC also advised the audience of the content that has violence, gun threats, discrimination (bloody dishonest Indian’ by his white employer and references of migrants being discriminated against), se*xual violence (a man attempts to force himself on a woman).

Well, Dunki has its advantages like Shahrukh Khan himself on a success streak with Pathaan and Jawan, Rajkumar Hirani who is known for making sensible films. It has to be seen if Dunki will stand the storm of Salaar across the nation.

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