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Rocky Bhai’s Death Has No Connection To Salaar

The anticipation surrounding Prashanth Neel’s upcoming project, Salaar, reached new heights with the release of its first-ever ‘dinosaur’ pre-teaser on July 8. As fans dissected every frame in an attempt to find connections to the wildly successful KGF franchise, speculations ran rife. However, in a recent interview, director Prashanth Neel emphatically clarified that Salaar has no link to KGF or its universe.

One of the intriguing aspects that emerged from the pre-teaser was the speculation that Salaar might be connected to the fate of Rocky Bhai, the central character in the KGF series. Fans theorized that the release time, 5:12 am, may symbolize the moment Rocky Bhai met his end on a ship. Prashanth Neel promptly addressed these speculations, emphasizing that there is no narrative overlap between Salaar and KGF.

“I’ve realised that KGF was that big after looking at all those fan theories. People started comparing the tones of Salaar to that of KGF, but I should have calrified them earlier. There is no part of Salaar that has any kind of connection with KGF or its universe”, the director articulated.

Prashanth Neel also shed light on the timeline of Salaar’s inception, revealing that the script was conceived a year before the release of KGF Chapter 2. While KGF’s massive success was undeniable, Salaar’s script was not influenced by its triumph. Despite Salaar being in the pipeline, the shooting only commenced in September 2022, dispelling any notion that the film underwent an extended production period.

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