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Keep All Pending Bills In Hold: Revanth

Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy is on a mission to expose corruption by the BRS government. In tune with this, the CM has taken a key decision and directed the officials to put all the bills to cleared in pending.

According to sources, bills worth Rs 60,000 crore are ready for clearance. The orders were passed in view of the alleged corruption by the previous government. All the bills and the pertaining works would be reviewed and then only cleared.

It is being said that all these bills were intentionally kept in pending by former CM and BRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao during his rule. Now, the fresh orders by Revanth to continue keeping them in abeyance have turned to be a headache to the contractors and construction companies. Revanth reportedly made it clear to the officials not to clear any bills without his approval. It is being estimated that the clearance of bills would take at least a couple of months, if the quality of works and the amount of payment are to be reviewed.

There is information that a majority of the bills that are in pending are relating to those of the irrigation, R&B and infrastructure. The CM had supposedly told the officials to use the existing funds with the government for payment of salaries and pensions, and then focus on emergency works.

It is learnt that Revanth is asking officials to submit the works done so far and the payments made for the same, department-wise. He is reviewing the works in every department and taking stock of the situation, on a daily basis.

It is but common for the contractors to face such a situation whenever there is a change in the government. As many governments are neck deep in debts, paucity of funds is a major issue with which they need to struggle and then streamline gradually.

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