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Top 150cc To 200cc Motorcycle Sales November 2023

TVS Apache
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Of all the contenders in the top 150cc to 200cc motorcycles sales charts for November 2023, Honda Unicorn was the only one with decline in sales

In the month November 2023, the motorcycles sales falling between 150cc to 200cc accounted for 1,66,803 units. This was a 47.12% YoY growth as opposed to 1,13,380 units sold in November 2022. This 47.12% YoY growth accounted for a 53,423 unit volume growth. When compared to 1,80,417 units sold in October 2023there was a noticeable MoM decline.

Top 150cc To 200cc Motorcycle Sales November 2023

Topping the sales charts within 150cc to 200cc motorcycle segment, we have Bajaj’s ever-popular Pulsar lineup with 47,320 units sold last month. Pulsars hold a 28.37% market share within this displacement space and registered 74.66% YoY growth when compared to 27,092 units sold a year ago. Volume gain for Pulsars was 20,228 units YoY.

TVS Apache stood at 2nd place with 41,025 units and captivated 24.59% market share. TVS does put up quite a fight against Bajaj with Apache series that registered 51.26% YoY growth as opposed to 27,122 units sold last year. Volume growth was respectable 13,903 units. In 3rd place, we have Honda Unicorn with 20,146 units sold.

When compared to the likes of Pulsars and ApachesUnicorn comes off as unappealing and less exciting. Unicorn saw 29.88% YoY decline losing 8,583 units in volume YoY. It is the only one on this list to show declined sales. Yamaha FZ took 4th place with 16,233 units. Yamaha doubled its sales with 103.22% YoY growth and gained 8,245 units in volume YoY.

Top 150cc to 200cc motorcycle sales November 2023
Top 150cc to 200cc motorcycle sales November 2023

Despite the cost, Yamaha R15 is a popular offering in India with 11,270 units sold last month. R15 has an impressive 6.76% market share and saw sales increase by 51.74% YoY. It’s naked sibling MT-15 registered 9,140 units with 44.28% YoY growth. Honda X-Blade’s replacement, SP 160has proved to be a people pleaser with 7,310 takers last month.

Honda CB200X saw unprecedented growth

Anything is better than 0 units of X-Blade, but 7,310 units is impressive. Hornet 2.0 is a more premium 180cc offering that saw 3,214 takers last month. Sales almost doubled YoY at 94.20% YoY growth accounting for 1,559 units of volume growth. KTM’s 200 range is company’s highest-seller in domestic market and registered 2,777 units with 21.11% YoY growth.

Hero’s Xtreme range have seen decent success after introducing 4V head to both. Sales doubled YoY from 1,196 to 2,655 units with 121.99% YoY growth. Suzuki Gixxer range sold 1,648 units with 153.93% YoY growth. The update to Gixxers earlier this year should have allowed this.

Hero’s Xpulse 200 ADV tripled its numbers with 1,453 units sold and 149.66% YoY growth. Bajaj’s Avenger 160 sold 1,369 units with 38.84% YoY growth and 383 units volume growth. At 14th place, we have Honda CB200X that saw an unprecedented 1233.33% YoY growth.

The sales numbers stood at 1,240 units as opposed to just 93 units sold a year ago. Lastly, we have Kawasaki W175 with just 3 units sold. The recent price revisions should ensure a better sales prospective in December 2023.

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