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Indian Mom’s Shocking Crime in North Carolina

In Morrisville, North Carolina, there’s a shocking crime that’s hard to believe: an Indian mother is involved.

A 33-year-old woman named Priyanka Tiwari starved her own 10-year-old child to death, according to officials.

Priyanka called the emergency hotline, 911, and when the police arrived, they found the child unresponsive.

The police were shocked to discover that a lot of time had passed since the child died because of how the body looked. They said the boy’s body was decomposed.

There wasn’t much food in the house, according to the police chief. They mentioned that the boy had lost a lot of weight in the last month.

Priyanka is facing charges of murder and neglectful child abuse. However, the police stated that they don’t know the exact cause of the child’s death until the autopsy is completed. Morrisville Police made this statement.

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