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When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Club América

FC Barcelona has travelled to Texas for the last game of 2023. After beating Almería 3-2, they headed straight to the airport to fly to Dallas and a game with Club América of Mexico at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

On this page you will find selected kick-off times around the world and the broadcasters  that are showing the match. There’s a good chance that this game won’t be televised in your country or region, but don’t worry. You will find minute by minute coverage before, during and after the game in our Match Center right here on the official website.


Thursday 21 December

Canada – Vancouver (6.00 PM) / Toronto (9.00 PM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com,@fcbarcelona_fra, www.fcbarcelona.fr

United States – Los Angeles (6.00 PM) / New York (9.00 PM)/ Dallas (8.00 PM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Central America and Caribbean – Panama (9.00 PM) / Dominican Rep (10.00 PM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_es, www.fcbarcelona.es

Latin America – Mexico City (8.00 PM) / Bogota (9.00 PM) / Santiago (11.00 PM) / Buenos Aires (11.00 PM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_es, www.fcbarcelona.es

Brazil – Brasilia (11.00 PM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_br,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Friday 22 December

Africa – Dakar (2.00 AM) /Yaoundé (3.00 AM) / Cape Town (4.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,www.fcbarcelona.com,@fcbarcelona_fra,  www.fcbarcelona.fr

United Kingdom (2.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,www.fcbarcelona.com

France (3.00 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra, www.fcbarcelona.fr

Barcelona (3.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:www.fcbarcelona.cat, www.fcbarcelona.es, @fcbarcelona_cat, @fcbarcelona_es

Ukraine (4.00 AM)
FC Barcelona: @FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Turkey (5.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_tr,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Russia – Moscow (5.00 AM)
FC Barcelona: @FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Arab Countries – Mecca (5.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com,@fcbarcelona_ara,  www.fcbarcelona.com

India (7.30 AM)
FC Barcelona:@FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Indonesia – Jakarta (9.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_id, www.fcbarcelona.com

China (10.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:fcbarcelona.qq.com

Japan (11.00 AM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona_jp,  www.fcbarcelona.jp

Australia – Sydney (1.00 PM)
FC Barcelona: @FC Barcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com 

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