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NY Witnesses 7500+ Firings In 2024!

7500+ Firings

In just two weeks of the New Year, 46 IT organizations, including startups, have laid off almost 7,500 people, a trend that will continue even over the holiday season. Global layoffs, which lasted throughout the Christmas season, are projected to affect the Indian workers once again.

Frontdesk, an online rental company, became the first tech business to lay off its entire 200-person team in 2024 during a Google Meet session. Unity, a gaming firm, has stated that it would lay off 25% of its staff, or over 1,800 individuals, in a new wave of job cuts. The worldwide cutbacks continue to affect Indian labor.

Google has acknowledged the elimination of several hundred positions across the hardware, core technology, and Google Assistant divisions. Layoffs will affect personnel in Google’s equipment and core engineering departments, as well as those working on Google Assistant. According to a Google spokesman, teams made adjustments in the second half of 2023 to increase efficiency and match resources with their top product goals.

Some teams are still making organizational adjustments, such as role eliminations, around the globe. Other firms that have lost jobs include Amazon-owned Audible, Meta, Veeam Software, Disney-owned Pixar, and global banking giant Citigroup. These firms are aiming to increase efficiency and focus resources on their top product goals.

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