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30,000 km service of my Maruti XL6 costs me less than Rs 5,000

This time I decided to go to Maruti Suzuki Arena instead of Nexa to get my car serviced.

BHPian process recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

30K km service update

Since the car had run 10K km since the last service, planned to get 30K km service done even though the odo is a few kms short of 29K. Decided to get the same at Arena and not at Nexa, hence called Arena service and confirmed that they have 0W16 oil in stock.

Reached there at 9.40 am and the intake bay was chock-blocked with cars. Spoke to the SA and asked him to fast-track service and take the car straight to the bay, or else I was driving to Nexa. The manager of the unit was walking by and heard me, he immediately got things rolling and work started while the job card was being created. Took about an hour to replace oil, filter, inspect and clean brakes, top up fluids, run a diagnostic scan. Final bill was Rs 5.2K of which Rs 521 was knocked off as reward points redemption and the net cost was Rs 4750.

Front brake pads look good for another 15K kms, but observed some uneven wear on the rear tyres. These were recently moved from the front to rear and I’m assuming that after another 10K kms, the set of tyres in the front will also start showing similar wear. I was hoping that the tyres would last 50K kms but that seems a little far-fetched. Looks like I will have to start saving up for a tyre change in early 2025.

During the road test, the service advisor was surprised by the throttle response and he said “pickup ide saar (car has good pickup)” 3 times during the short drive. I had removed evc display before heading to the service center but the setting was still at U3.

Having driven about ~1300kms after getting evc, I must say that I am really enjoying the drive now. Before, there was always a worm in my head about moving back to a diesel. With evc in U3/U4 mode, which has kind of become my default driving mode for both city and highways, I do feel like I am driving a car that’s almost a diesel. Good throttle response and torque availability make it so much easier to drive. Added bonus is the increase in F.E. that evc is able to deliver – Approx 10% increase in city conditions and slightly more during highway driving. Will compile more data with time and post separately on the throttle controller thread.

Got the car washed and spent a couple of hours wiping down, claying and then coating it with Optimum Optiseal. It had been a while since the car received some TLC and its very satisfying to see the end result.

There are a lot of micro scratches on most panels, a couple of big ones on the front and rear bumper, and paint spray on the roof + left side doors. These stand out when the car is clean and it’s getting harder to ignore them. Will be reaching out to a few folks to check on costs for paint correction and maybe ceramic as well.

Few pics of the car from a short drive this morning.

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