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5 New Maruti Hybrid Cars

5 New Maruti Hybrid Cars
5 New Maruti Hybrid Cars

The latest buzz in the Indian automobile industry emanates from Maruti Suzuki’s stable. The Indo-Japanese automaker is developing a new, cost-effective hybrid system tailored for its mass-market offerings, including the new-generation Baleno, Fronx facelift, a forthcoming mini MPV, Swift, and the next-generation Brezza. Codenamed HEV, Maruti Suzuki’s new hybrid technology entails a series hybrid powertrain comprising the brand’s new Z12E 3-cylinder petrol engine, a compact 1.5-2kWh battery pack, and an electric motor.

In the series or range extender hybrid powertrain configuration, the petrol engine operates as a generator, producing electricity to power an electric motor that propels the wheels. This setup, distinguished by its cost-effectiveness compared to series-parallel and parallel-only hybrid technologies, fulfills all the prerequisites of the small car segment.

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Notably, it ensures optimal efficiency, particularly during city driving conditions. Maruti Suzuki’s new hybrid system is anticipated to achieve a remarkable fuel efficiency ranging from 35kmpl to 40kmpl on the test cycle, thereby aligning with future Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFÉ) standards.

According to media reports, the Maruti Fronx facelift is set to be the first vehicle featuring the brand’s new hybrid system (HEV), slated for release in 2025. Subsequently, the new-generation Baleno (codenamed YTA) and the Space-based mini MPV will follow suit, incorporating Suzuki HEV technology in 2026, trailed by the Swift in 2027 and the new-gen Brezza in 2029. Maruti Suzuki anticipates a significant portion of its forthcoming HEV product lineup, projecting annual volumes of eight lakh units per annum, contributing to 25 percent of its total sales.

While Maruti Suzuki currently integrates mild hybrid technology and Toyota’s strong hybrid powertrain into its existing model lineup, notable examples being the Grand Vitara and Invicto premium MPV, which employ Toyota’s Atkinson cycle powertrain, achieving notable sales figures of 16,268 units collectively in the calendar year 2023. The forthcoming three-row SUV, based on the Grand Vitara platform, will mark the third Maruti Suzuki model to feature Toyota’s strong hybrid technology.


5 New Maruti Hybrid Cars – High On Mileage, Launch Timeline

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