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WhatsApp introduces new security feature to protect users from phishing scams | Technology News

Millions of people lose money and personal data due to phishing scams, which have also become rampant on popular instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Meta has now developed a new feature to curb phishing attempts on WhatsApp to protect its users.

The new WhatsApp feature makes it easy for users to quickly block a contact without opening the message, which was not possible earlier. WhatsApp is also educating users on how to identify a phishing attempt, using aspects like spelling or grammar mistakes, asking users to click on a link, asking users to share personal information, or asking to forward a message for financial gain.

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Phishing and Smishing attempts are currently on the rise, where cybercriminals send messages that seem to be of utmost importance and provoke users to click on them, and in some cases, also ask to share personal and banking details.

With over 2.78 billion-plus users on WhatsApp across the world, it is easy for criminals to target a large set of people, and to prevent these mishaps, WhatsApp has been introducing features like silent unknown numbers and the ability to report a number, where WhatsApp will analyze the numbers and delete the account permanently from the platform.

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The latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to block a message from an unknown number without opening the app, which otherwise was a three-step process. Within the lock screen, WhatsApp now offers two options — reply and add them to your contact or block and report the number. On top of that, it also offers access to the safety tools.

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This is a welcome move from Meta, as one just needs a phone number to send a message on WhatsApp, and with this feature, users can quickly identify and block unwanted contact.

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