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I don't look at the monitor after the scene is over – Gopichand!

Published on Mar 4, 2024 12:01 AM IST

Actor Gopichand revealed an interesting fact while promoting Bhima. The actor said that he is not in the habit of looking at the monitor after finishing a scene. Normally, actors look to the monitor to hone their work, but Gopichand's latest statement is a little surprising. Gopichand says, I watch the film only during dubbing. I do not watch the film during the shooting stage. Not even in the habit of checking the monitor. I watch the entire flow of the film while dubbing.

I can understand the result of the film during the dubbing time itself. If I feel that some corrections need to be made, I will convey the same to my director, initially, when the director tells me the script, I clear my doubts. Once the shoot starts, I usually don't ask too many questions, if I feel something is not right during the shoot, I communicate. Whether the director is okay with my changes or not, I don't bother him too much. Because sometimes I may have made a mistake too.

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