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Prashant Kishor Predicts TDP’s Massive Win!

Prashant Kishor

Popular political strategist Prashant Kishor opined that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is going to “lose big” in the upcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh. He hinted at a massive victory of TDP.

Speaking at an event in Hyderabad, Prashant Kishor asserted that Jagan’s political fortunes in Andhra are on a downhill. He emphasized that people prioritize development over freebies while they vote.

Prashant Kishor compared Jagan’s attitude to KCR and hinted that he would face a similar fate as KCR in Telangana.

Prashant remarked that people look at potential management and not just resources management. He said that no government could be defeated if only money could decide the fate of elections. This is an indirect jibe at Jagan, who merely uses his financial power to gain votes.

PK made following comments-

“Spending people’s money thinking that you’re taking care of people is a mistake. And Jagan doing this and KCR faced the same fate in Telangana too. People look at potential management NOT just resources management.”

“Jagan is “Losing BIG” Because Sitting in a palace and sending DBTs will not bring you votes.”

“People in South have allowed the culture of money in politics. But they don’t decide votes based on the money they took. Because the South has changed more govts than the North. No govt could be defeated, Has the money had any potential to win elections.”

On the whole, even Prashant Kishor, the most celebrated political strategist in the country, predicts TDP’s victory in Andhra Pradesh.

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