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NASA Captures Extraordinary ‘Cosmic Jewellery’ Located 15,000 Light Years From Earth

NASA is not only known for its research and discoveries but is renowned for often sharing space wonders. Taking viewers by surprise again, NASA has recently shared an astonishing celestial sight and dubbed it as cosmic jewelry located a remarkable 15,000 light-years from our planet Earth. Captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, this extraordinary display is affectionately known as the Necklace Nebula. This cosmic marvel, as NASA describes, is the result of a unique celestial tango between a pair of aging, closely-orbiting stars akin to our Sun. The larger star, in its aging process, expanded and eventually engulfed its smaller companion.

Surprisingly, the smaller star survived and continued its orbit within the larger one. This dance caused the bloated giant to spin faster, expelling massive portions of its material into space. The escaping ring of debris then formed the Necklace Nebula, with dense clusters of gas creating the illusion of sparkling diamonds adorning the ring, according to NASA’s description.

The image, vividly depicted by NASA, shows, “A small, bright green region of gas surrounded by a ring of glowing cosmic material, concentrated in pale clumps that resemble diamonds along a necklace. The rest of the image shows black space dotted with several bright stars and a couple of small regions of dark red gas.”

NASA’s post of this captivating cosmic phenomenon on Instagram on March 13 has already garnered over 70,000 likes so far and a plethora of comments, each echoing admiration for the mesmerising Necklace Nebula.

Take a look at it here:

“Super Bowl in space,” wrote a user while an observer exclaimed, “That’s absolutely beautiful. An account whimsically commented, “A cosmic giant lost her bracelet in the abyss.”


Echoes of awe resonated across social media platforms, with another stating, “Absolutely stunning,” while another drew parallels to science fiction, noting, “This seems like something out of an episode of Star Trek.”

An Instagram user described it as being similar to science fiction saying, “the image, set against a backdrop of dark space speckled with stars and red gas, with its ethereal beauty and cosmic allure.”

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    first published: March 15, 2024, 11:56 IST

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