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Lorry Owners Happy as NHAI Defers Toll Fee Hike

Hyderabad: Transport vehicles owners heaved a sigh of relief after the NHAI deferred the scheduled increase in toll charges in view of the Lok Sabha elections. Typically, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) revises toll charges on April 1, at the beginning of the financial year.

Transport unions, especially those representing commercial vehicles, are urging the government not to further burden them with increased toll charges. There are currently 5,80,500 commercial vehicles in Telangana state, where there are 31 toll plazas.

According to Manchireddy Rajender Reddy of the Telangana Lorry Owners Association (TLOA), “For a multi-axle vehicle (lorry) travelling between Hyderabad and Warangal, the toll charges amount to around Rs 3,000, and between Hyderabad and Karimnagar, it’s Rs 3,500.”

He expressed relief over the toll freeze during the elections, stating, “We are pleased that the toll increase slated for April 1 was postponed due to the elections. However, we anticipate a rise in tariffs once the Lok Sabha elections are over.”

Highlighting the challenges faced by commercial vehicle owners, he said, “While purchasing a new lorry, we incur tax and registration expenses ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. We also contribute to GST, paying taxes on diesel, spare parts, and tyres. Given our tax contributions, why are we subjected to toll charges? Providing well-maintained roads should be the government’s responsibility, free of charge.”

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