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Honda CKD Engine Assembly Line: Precision in Production

Honda Activa
Honda Activa

New Honda CKD Engine Assembly Line – Manufacturing Milestones: From Activa to Advanced Engines

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has inaugurated a new CKD Engine Assembly Line at its Global Resource Factory in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana. The facility is key to Honda’s commitment to technological innovation, quality manufacturing, and its prominent position in the Indian two-wheeler market. Situated in Manesar, the new assembly line has ample capacity, capable of manufacturing up to 600 engines daily. Systems are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of models, from 110cc to 300cc. This facility demonstrates Honda’s versatility in addressing diverse market demands and adapting to evolving consumer preferences.

Established in 2001, the Global Resource Factory was Honda’s pioneering venture into two-wheeler manufacturing in India. Since then, it has evolved into a vital export hubcatering to 58 markets worldwide. This growth trajectory caters to Honda’s pursuit of global excellence, and its significant contribution to the automotive landscape.

New Honda CKD Engine Assembly Line
New Honda CKD Engine Assembly Line

Commitment to Quality: Ensuring Excellence in Every Engine

The new CKD Engine Assembly Line incorporates advanced technologies to ensure quality, efficiency, and precision. It utilises DC tools for critical torquing and features a vision camera inspection system for thorough quality checks. Complete traceability of parts and processes is ensured, enhancing transparency and accountability throughout the production process.

The assembly line includes a dedicated exhaust collection line and an acoustic chamber for engine sound inspection. A necessity to maintain high-quality standards. Automation plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the new assembly line. Systems such as the flywheel assembly automation and automatic piston parts verification streamline the assembly process. Reducing manual errors and ensuring consistent quality across all engine components.

Over Two Decades of Honda’s Quality Manufacturing in Manesar

A small parts interlocking unit is implemented to minimise errors and ensure seamless ops. This proven approach to production is focused on error-free processes and a non-negotiable need to maintain standards in excellence in manufacturing.

Reflecting Honda’s history in Manesar, ‘Activa’ was the first mass-produced model launched from the Global Resource Factory. This milestone marked the beginning of Honda’s journey towards technological advancements and innovation in the Indian market. With the introduction of the new CKD Engine Assembly Line, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India aims to strengthen its export capabilities and expand its market reach. Aligned to the company’s broader goals of market expansion, innovation, and delivering high-quality products.

Boosting Export Capabilities: Otani on Honda’s Manufacturing Future

Leveraging advanced technologies and focusing on quality assurance is essential to business success. Honda’s new CKD Engine Assembly Line at the Global Resource Factory in Manesar represents the ethos of advancement in manufacturing capabilities. A prerequisite for Honda’s leadership in the automotive industry.

Tsutsumu Otani, Managing Director, President and CEO, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, said, “We are happy to introduce a new engine assembly line for CKD exports at our Global Resource Factory in Manesar. It is a testament to our relentless pursuit of driving technological advancements in the industry. With this step, HMSI aims to boost its export capabilities, reaching new heights in market expansion and adherence to global quality standards.”

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