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Life with my 2024 BMW 530i xDrive: Interior & driving in the snow

Tried out driving on the snow with the xDrive and honestly I couldn’t tell any difference.

BHPian Foxbat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I went on a road trip on the weekend and managed to click this picture at a usually crowded spot in NJ in the morning. The iron structure behind the car is a memorial of the World Trade Center.

Tried out driving on the snow with the xDrive and honestly, I couldn’t tell any difference. Maybe in more slippery conditions, it comes into play. The rear view of the car is nice and well-proportioned. I initially didn’t like the rear silver claddings but they seem to look good now.

Parked in front of the old covered bridges in Vermont.

All vehicles in the US come with the premium Harman/Kardon sound system(in the previous generation you had to get the premium package). It has nice bass and sound quality and is sufficient for my needs. Back in 2009, I had a 2000W audio system on my Alto but I think those days are over

The locking and seat memory controls are touch-sensitive panels now which I find annoying and not easy to get used to. I prefer the physical buttons. All the vents are also hidden in between the panels so you have to look very closely to notice them. This gives the dashboard a very clean and uncluttered look.

The headlight switches are also the same touch-sensitive panels. Even the vent controls.

On the central console, they have got rid of all the buttons. Even the emergency blinkers have a touch screen button. The HVAC controls have to be operated through the screen which is difficult to do while driving. There are some voice controls but not sure if they operate the climate control. So far only have tried opening the windows through them or navigation.

One good feature is the remote start through the app or remote (when nearby). The car heats the seats, steering wheel, and interior so it’s ready to drive when you arrive. I have the optional ventilated seats which makes summer drives more comfortable

There is no more central gear lever but now you get this slider similar to other new BMW cars. It’s easy to use I prefer this to the old lever mechanism. There is a premium rotary dial at the center to navigate the screen if you don’t like the touch screen.

On the roof, there is a central panel that has various touch panels for lights. Luckily the sunroof is still a physical switch. My car has an interior camera which you can monitor through the app also remotely.

With the Premium package, you get the Head-up Display. The Dials are digital and you can customise them as per your wishes.

The “5” is the 530i is bigger now so you know clearly what series BMW it is.

In case you are walking by on the side and are wondering what series BMW it is just look at the C pillar.

If you are about to enter the car after opening the drivers door and still wondering what series BMW it is just look at the top right interior of the door!

So far the only accessory I have bought is this metallic key cover which makes the key 2-3x heavier. The key is very flimsy and more fit for a budget car.

The best view I believe is from the front where the DRLs and headlights complete the iconic quad lights of a BMW.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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