Home NEWS CBIT on Edge after Staff Protest Sexual Harassment by Directors

CBIT on Edge after Staff Protest Sexual Harassment by Directors

CBIT on Edge after Staff Protest Sexual Harassment by Directors
CBIT on Edge after Staff Protest Sexual Harassment by Directors

Hyderabad: Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) found itself embroiled in controversy after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced against two senior officials.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) directors Dr M. Sushanth Babu and Trivikram Rao are accused of sexually harassing a female professor for several months, leading to widespread unrest among the staff.

The distressing ordeal came to light when the victim, a respected female professor, approached the management, recounting her harrowing experiences. Despite her repeated warnings to the directors, their inappropriate behaviour allegedly persisted, culminating in a vile proposition “to share bed”.

The incident, initially brushed off as inconsequential by principal Narasimhulu, has ignited a firestorm of protests within the college community. Teaching and non-teaching staff members rallied around the college campus on Saturday, demanding immediate justice and accountability, leading to an intense standoff near the principal’s chamber.

Sanjeev T, president of the non-teaching union, staged a sit-in protest at the principal’s office entrance, blocking his way, following which Narasimhulu, instead of addressing the grievances, opted to climb over Sanjeev to exit the room, further fuelling the protesters’ outrage.

Complicating the situation further are allegations of misconduct and fraud involving Dr Sushanth Babu. According to a document provided by the staff, Dr Babu has been implicated for holding multiple jobs simultaneously at various institutions, including Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering and Technology and Shreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, while officially being employed at Matrusri Engineering College.

Such fraudulent activities have raised serious concerns about his professional integrity. The document also accuses Dr Babu and Dr P. Vijaypal Reddy of being highly manipulative and creating false documents to cover their tracks. Both have been described as “egotistic and rude,” with a notorious reputation for exhibiting inappropriate behaviour towards female students and staff.

The document highlighted instances of Dr Babu using female staff for inappropriate activities in his cabin, with earlier such sordid incidents leading to his termination from other colleges. It is reported that he is currently having an extramarital affair with a colleague in his department, further exacerbating the situation.

His alleged acts of sexual harassment have driven several female faculty members into depression, with some even leaving the college. The staff’s demands include immediate arrest of Sushanth Babu and Trivikram Rao, failing which, they would intensify their protests.

The CBIT management was not available for comment.

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