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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Teased – 80bhp At 14,500 RPM!

Kawasaki teaser compared with ZX-4R and ZX-6R
Kawasaki teaser compared with ZX-4R and ZX-6R

Currently, Kawasaki Z900 is India’s most affordable 4-cyl naked bike at Rs. 9.2 lakh and Honda CBR650R in fully-faired space at Rs. 9.35 lakh (prices ex-sh)

India adores 4-cylinder motorcycles. Since Benelli pulled the plugs on TNT 600i, the most affordable 4-cylinder motorcycle in India has been Kawasaki Z900. This will change soon as Kawasaki India has teased a new 4-cylinder machine, that is highly likely to be Ninja ZX-4R, with launch slated on 11th September.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Teased – Budget Dhoom bike?

Kawasaki is bringing a new 4-cylinder Ninja motorcycle to our shores on 11th September 2023. The company’s teaser featured a 4-cylinder engine layout and #Ninjalife in it along with fascia of a faired bike. Considering Kawasaki already sells Ninja ZX-10R in India, this could either be ZX-6R, ZX-4R or ZX-25R.

Given the price-to-performance ratio of ZX-4R, we would lean on it more than the other two. That said, Kawasaki had offered ZX-6R in India in the past and it would only make sense to bring it back. However, looking at the bike’s outline in Kawasaki’s new teaser, we would wager that this is ZX-4R and not ZX-6R. Considering Kawasaki mentioned ‘motorcycle’ and not ‘motorcycles’. We’re likely to only get ZX-4R.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R

ZX-4R packs a 399 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine kicking out 80 bhp of power at 14,500 RPM and 39 Nm of torque at 13,000 RPM. The 6-speed gearbox will probably get a bi-directional quick-shifter too. At least as an option. 14,500 RPM is definitely in screamer category. The bigger brother ZX-6R gets a 636 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine with 129 bhp of power on tap at 13,000 RPM and 69 Nm of torque at 10,800 RPM. A 6-speed gearbox with a quick-shifter may be part of the package.

Feature-packed modern Kawasaki machines

Regardless of which bike Kawasaki is launching in India, CBU route is highly likely. Launch will happen on 11th September 2023. So, pricing will be high when compared to how much they’ll cost in global markets. As per componentry, SFF-BP USD telescopic front forks, rear mono-shock suspension, sporty racing clip-on handlebars, rear set footpegs, neatly designed fairing are common between both ZX-6R and ZX-4R.

ZX-6R gets an adjustable suspension feature, that ZX-4R lacks. Braking hardware comprises of dual-disc setup at front and a single-disc setup at the rear with both bikes. 220 mm rear disc is common between the two, while ZX-4R sports 290 mm twin discs at the front and ZX-6R comes with 310 mm dual discs.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R gets a 160-section rear tyre, while ZX-6R packs a fatter 180-section rear tyre. LED headlights, LED tail lights, modern switchgear, fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation are standard with both Ninja motorcycles. Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh for ZX-4R seems to be logical (ex-sh).

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