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Kesineni Changes Tune, To Sail with TDP in the Upcoming Elections ?

Kesineni Nani, the Member of Parliament representing Vijayawada, has embarked on an intriguing political journey within the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). His relationship with the party, once marked by uncertainty, now seems to be back on track, causing a stir in Andhra Pradesh’s politics.

Nani became headache for TDP in last 4 years:

In June 2019, Nani was appointed as the party whip in the Lok Sabha by TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, but Nani’s response was surprising . He publicly declined the appointment, albeit with humility. Since then, last 4 years he has criticisedTDP leadership several times in public. In March 2023 he declared his willingness to contest the next election under any party that resonated with his political ethos.

Several Speculations regarding Vijayawada MP ticket:

Speculation was rife that Nani might not secure a TDP ticket in the forthcoming elections, hinting at a potential shift in his allegiances. Earlier there were rumours that Nani’s brother Chinni might get TDP ticket in the next elections. Nani made public his disputes with his brother too. There were also rumours that TDP may rope in Lagadapati, who is hailed as Andhra Octopus for his accurate predictions of election outcomes, for the next election. There were also rumours about Nani joining YSRCP before 2024 elections.

Nani’s surprising comments today:

But the story took an unexpected turn today. In a recent announcement, Kesineni Nani clarified his commitment to the TDP, confirming that he will be contesting as an MP from the TDP Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He will become MP for 3rd time from TDP. This decision was accompanied by effusive praise for TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu.

Nani is all praise for CBN today:

Nani extolled Naidu as one of the nation’s few untarnished political leaders, lauding his impeccable 40-year-long career. He addressed the ongoing I-T scrutiny directed at Naidu, expressing confidence that the seasoned leader would handle the matter deftly . His recent commitment to contest under the TDP banner in the forthcoming elections, along with his admiration for Naidu, suggests a renewed alignment with the party.

Nani’s conspicuous absence from party events over the past four years had fueled extensive speculation regarding his potential departure from the party. As time passed, these rumors began to carry more weight, causing many to believe that Nani’s exit was imminent. However, all doubts and uncertainties surrounding this matter were resolutely dispelled today by Nani’s latest statements. The future holds the answer as to whether Nani will secure a TDP ticket in the next election, or there may well be more unexpected twists to this unfolding story.

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