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2023 Film Comes to Disney+ in October

2023 Film Comes to Disney+ in October
2023 Film Comes to Disney+ in October

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Back in July, Disney released its remake of Haunted Mansion, which didn’t really light the world on spectral fire when it came out. Part of it was due to other big movies releasing in late July at the time and stealing whatever thunder it could’ve possibly had. (Not to mention, it was one of the first movies to hit right as the SAG-AFTRA strike began.) But now that its theatrical run is over, it’s time for the flick to cross over into the land of the streaming.

During its Destination23 presser, Disney revealed Haunted Mansion will hit Disney+ on October 4. If you were among those that didn’t see it when it came out, Rosario Dawson and Chase W. Dillon play a mother and son who’ve just moved into their New Orleans mansion which turns out to be filled with a variety of ghosts. They later hire a group of exorcists (played by Lakeith Stanfield, Danny DeVito, Luke Wilson, and Tiffany Haddish) to get rid of the spirits, which isn’t as easy as any of them would like it to be. When it came out, it got a mixed reception from critics, but audiences seemed more kind to it.

Box office-wise, Haunted Mansion was billed as a disappointment at $101.3 million worldwide. October is a much better time for the movie rather than July, something many pointed out when it was in cinemas. The fall season can liven up the box office of many a horror movie, since audiences love to be scared during this time. And in Disney’s case, not every live-action remake can be a smash hit, so Haunted Mansion’s streaming drop may help solidify it as a reliable holiday staple, like with the Halloweentown or Twitches movies. Ahead of its theatrical release, io9 talked with director Justin Simien on bringing the theme park attraction to life, which you can read here.

Haunted Mansion will arrive on Disney+ and other streaming services like Prime Video and Apple TV on October 4. At time of writing, a physical date hasn’t been revealed.

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