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Best Cyber Monday Gaming Laptop Deals 2023

Cyber Monday sales are already here, and gaming laptops are on sale. Whether you’re looking for yourself or others, you can find some great gaming laptops at a discount — which is good, because PC gaming can get expensive, fast.

A new gaming laptop lets you play your favorite titles on the go and also serves as a system you can use for work or web browsing. It’s a great time to save on the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Dell, and others are offering discounts.

While there are plenty of great deals out there with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia’s latest mobile hardware, there may also be some older laptops, which you should definitely avoid. For instance, anything older than one generation is better off avoided. If you have the cash, spring for a system with a GPU that has at least 8GB of VRAM (like an RTX 3070 or RTX 4060 or higher), as well as 16GB of RAM and at least a 512GB of storage. If the deal doesn’t hit the RAM or storage requirement, see if you can upgrade the RAM or storage down the line.

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