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Businessman Worried As People Married In IG Comments!

In a hilarious conversation, bussiness tycoon Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of popular matrimonial platform ‘shaadi.com’ has set the world of ‘X'(formerly Twitter) ablaze.

Anupam replied to a post which asked shaadi.com what’s happening in their Instagram comment section, referring to a conversation between two people who not only flirted but also kickstarted their marriage talks.To this self destructive comment section, the dream investor asked the platform what’s happening and will they make their platform shut down.

Finding comments like these in their comment section is not just ironical but also negative for the company’s market.

Anupam shocased his genius mind as addressing the issue in a humorous manner which will not only make a good public image about healthy working conditions but also ring a bell in the ears of the company’s employees.

The post has already ammassed a 100 retweets and over a thousand likes, with users flooding the comment section with funny takes and gifs. One user asked him to buy Instagram itself, taking a dig at him being an investor in over a whopping amount of 220 different companies.


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