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Ambati Expressed One Side Love

In the last 5 years of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule, there was always a public implication that the YSR Congress moved according to the best interests of the BJP. Adding weight to this, YCP strengthened almost every bill presented by the NDA in the parliament and Rajya Sabha. But come the 2024 election, the BJP has opted for an ulterior plan as the national party joined the Telugu Desam-Janasena alliance in AP.

But in a new viral video on social media, Ambati Rambabu is seen spitting some insider facts about the truce between YSR Congress and BJP.

In this video, Ambati says “YSR Congress was formed against the principles of Congress party. Come what may, we are firmly against Congress. With Congress and BJP being the only two national outfits, we are having to align with BJP in the national political scene. So our allegiance will always be with BJP.”

If Ambati had made this statement before the formulation of the TDP+ alliance in AP, it would have been seen as a generic statement. But with BJP already in alliance with Telugu Desam and Janasena in AP, this insider comment from Ambati that YCP will always be with BJP no matter what has resulted in a social talk that YCP still wants to be the B-team of BJP despite the TDP+ alliance in AP. Even YCP Supporters are baffled by Ambati’s statement at this crucial point in time.

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