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Hasbro’s New Mandalorian Action Figures Are Missing Some Key Players

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Hasbro’s Star Wars toys truly love The Mandalorian—there are few entries in the galaxy far, far away (besides the original trilogy) that come close to the sheer depth the toymaker has delved into the Disney+ show for inspiration. Which is why it feels so bizarre that we have these new figures, missing a very familiar face.

Today Hasbro lifted the lid on two Mandalorian arrivals in the Black Series line that will release this summer exclusively at Target in the U.S. The first is a Mandalorian Privateer, a member of the combined forces of Mandalorian warriors that helped Bo-Katan Kryze retake their homeworld in the climax of the show’s third season. At this point in Hasbro’s lines of figuresnew Mandalorian mooks are reaching the “but she’s got a new hat!” quotient, but really, it’s the other reveal that’s both more interesting, and more puzzling: it’s a four pack of Peli Motto’s droids, with nary a Peli Motto herself in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun little set—a re-release of the recently reworked astromech body for R5-D4a new coloration of the BD-unit droids we’ve seen accompanying Jedi: Fallen Order and Eat: Survivor’s Cal Kestis figures, anchored in not one, but two Pit Droids, a sculpt only previously included in a box set exclusive to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme parks. But it certainly feels weird to get such a set when somehow, of all the Mandalorian characters Hasbro has turned into action figures, Amy Sedaris’ cameo-queen mechanic is still not yet among them. Hopefully it means one isn’t too far off—although Peli’s yet to appear in any of Hasbro’s early-tease “Pipeline” reveals for future figures, making this release a shade less interesting.

Both the Mandalorian Privateer and droid four-pack will be available exclusively through Target this summer for $25 and $50 each, respectively. Click through to see more!

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