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10 years & 55,000 km with my Skoda Rapid 1.6L Petrol

BHPian TheHelix0202 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. It’sbeen3705 days- or10years and some weeks – since we brought home our 1.6 MPI Cappuccino Beige European gem. With barely55,000kilometers on the odo, this understated beauty remained a garage queen for the longest time. Apart from our two beloved Ford Ikons, this was the only car that shaped my childhood passion for automobiles.It’sbeen a journey of a lifetime. It’salso been ages since I posted about this car, so here are some pictures for your viewingpleasure. Yesterday, I replaced the 5-year-old Philips RacingVision bulbs with Osram Rally 100/90W’safter the driver-side low beam went out. Over the past decade, nothing major has gone wrong, aside from a few minor issues.It’sstill far from my dream of being a proper sleeper, mainly due to its minimal usagebyme; it remains a family sedan for now. Lastly, when Mom suggested selling the Rapidin favor of usingour arguably more equipped Ecosport daily,bothDad and I quickly shut down the idea.It’sa no-brainer, really; as good as the Ecosport is, its poor brakesdon’tinspire confidence, especially after a close call my dad had on the highway. It seems like the whole world wants me to get rid of her,doesn’tit? Idon’tsee myself letting go of the Rapid anytime soon, and I plan to do some tasteful modifications in theyears to come. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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