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Traffic rules: Irrational car parking regulations in different cities

Often people will double or even triple-park and leave their chauffeur in the car so they don’t get ticketed or towed.

BHPian Mustang Sammy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Last year, my car was clamped on Juhu Tara Road for being in a “No Parking” zone when the closest sign to this effect was more than 100 meters further away, with no way for anyone to know about this regulation. Upon confronting the traffic policeman, the pat response was that the entire road was a no-parking zone.

One year later, “No Parking” signs are more ubiquitous on the road than a politician’s birthday greetings, but enforcement is a big fat ZERO.

Not to mention the inherent lack of logic in banning parking on the leftmost lane of a road when:

  • The lane is undrivable for the most part, with trees, bends and sundry other barriers to the flow of traffic
  • Lack of alternate parking

And this while cars, trucks, water tankers and buses merrily park on narrow roads all over the city, blocking traffic and creating hazards.

Often people will double or even triple-park and leave their chauffeur in the car so they don’t get ticketed or towed.

The situation is no better in Pune and other large metros.

Here’s what BHPian deathwalkr had to say about the matter:

Stopped looking for logic behind many such cases on the roads. There are many stretches here as well with No Parking or No Stopping signages and people happily park there for the entire day.

Randomly traffic cops on bikes pull over and start challaning everyone parked there.

I just keep telling myself parking areas in the city are not based on my convenience.

Here’s what BHPian Rodie09 had to say about the matter:

In Baner locality in Pune where I live, there is an arterial road of about 5 kms and the entire stretch has been marked by the corporation as a no-parking zone. The locality has been so developed that all major establishments are on this road and it’s quite a hub for businesses. One must note that this is a 4-lane cement road with one dedicated lane built for parking on each side and then a very wide Smart City footpath which is usually encroached by multiple things/people. One would wonder if one cannot park their car on such a planned road where else can they? It can be understood if the measure was in anticipation of metro work that will run through this road. However, there is a good 2 km stretch that doesn’t have any metro work.

Then what’s the logic of this inconvenience?

Pune doesn’t have great public transportation and most people depend on private vehicles. It’s not simple to get a cab or auto for short distances. How are people supposed to go to markets, banks, and doctors without any access to parking in the full 5 kms. There are no dedicated parking lots either.

Last but not the least, the implementation of the no parking is so sketchy that it’s left to luck. People with connections and muscle power continue to park all the time and ordinary people who fear the fines have to suffer alone. Very sorry state of affairs.

Here’s what BHPian Vkap257 had to say about the matter:

Many places in Delhi NCR also face this problem. However, I have observed that the MCD here actually does the smart thing and employs an agency which makes the whole roadside parking stretch as a paid parking zone. This deters many people from parking as they have to pay for it or if someone is willing to pay then he gets a proper parking spot which does not hamper traffic (to an extent).

Here’s what BHPian tilt had to say about the matter:

If memory serves, Bangalore’s top-cop had made an announcement that every street in Bangalore is by default a no-parking zone unless explicitly indicated with signs that parking is permitted.

So, there need be zero no-parking signs and yet one could be ticketed (or worse) for parking.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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